If you think this summer has been a hot one, buckle up – the dog days have arrived.

However, did you know that this ancient phrase has absolutely nothing to do with man’s best friend?  Yes, you read that correctly.  The Dog Days of Summer are commonly misconstrued as the period of time when the weather becomes so hot that even our pups will go crazy because of the heat, but allow us to share with you the real origin of the expression.

Long ago, the “Dog Days” occurred when Sirius (aka the “dog star”) lined up with the Sun.  It was believed that once the two were aligned, the energy from both brought about a heat wave every year during the late summer months. How’s that for a trivia question?

Let’s get down to business though…we didn’t come here to talk about astronomy or sweltering summer days.  We came to talk about the most important part of the well-known saying: our canine companions.  We’ll introduce you to design ideas that play off this dreaded time of the year, from pooch-patterned wall paper, to puppy portraits and more – the Dog Days of Domain are here.


This black and white “Best In Show” wallpaper is as classic as it gets – and is one of our personal favorites.

Osborne & Little – Best In Show

The artwork on this Pierre Frey wall paper captures the playful and loyal characteristics of these furry friends of ours.

Pierre Frey – St. Hubert (In Shadow)

We love the color combo and dog diversity of this “Best In Show” Thibaut pattern.  

Thibaut – Best In Show (In Aqua)

Feeling fancy? So are these pampered pups.

Thibaut – Fifi & Friends (In White)

Looking to stray from the obvious?  We adore this abstract Foo Dog wallpaper called “Foo You Looking At?” from the Shanghai Collection by Julianne Taylor Style for Mitchell Black.  Click on the image below to browse additional colors and shop the collection.

Julianne Taylor Style for Mitchell Black – Foo You Looking At?

This fun paw print pattern by Peter Fasano is a playful design that comes in several different colors!

Peter Fasano – Pitter Patter (In Apple)

Okay, so perhaps you’re not quite bold enough to cover your walls with a dog pattern (we get it), but that doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on incorporating man’s best friend into your interiors in a subtler manner.  If you feel like we’re preaching to the choir right now, then allow us to show you some other ideas we have.


Customized puppy portraits by Megan Keck Thompson (available for order through Domain):



Foo Dog Prints from Eastern Opulence by Julianne Taylor through the Oliver Gal Artist Co.



The Two’s Company Best In Show boxes are a perfect option because they’re simplistic, sweet and, best of all, come in eight different designs.

Looking for something slightly more whimsical?  These Kennel Club Plates are FULL of personality and add a touch of color to your coffee table, kitchen counter or night stand.

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