The Centerpiece of Your Home. And Life

Your whole home is a reflection of your personality and life. But nowhere is it more on display than in your living areas. These are the places where the memories are made – holidays, special events and those simple yet oh-so-special everyday moments. Sometimes your furniture and accessories serve as the backdrop, sometimes the centerpiece, and always as a reflection of what this space and your home mean to you. Yes, furniture is that personal and meaningful. Especially at Domain – the region’s only Calvin Klein Curator retailer and the nation’s only Charleston Forge showroom.

“Our showroom highlights the premier furniture and accessories lines we carry, but it is quite literally the tip of the design iceberg. Your ability to customize almost each and every piece is the foundation on which Domain was created.”


Somerset Bay

Escape to Somerset Bay... and you enter into a realm where a coastal palette seduces your senses, where relaxation washes over you, and the chaos of everyday life fades away. Timeless designs and evocative textures blend seamlessly to create a superbly appointed environment... a place to live, entertain, or escape.

With a collection inspired by some of the most impressive coastal locales - Nantucket, Newport, Carmel, Bar Harbor, to name a few - you can expect an equally impressive product. Somerset Bay raises the standard in design and construction. Each piece is handcrafted from the finest plantation grown mahogany and premium veneers and trim. Craftsmen use state-of-the-art techniques to produce the timeless soft Somerset Bay patina. Their skills can further be seen in the distressing, dry-brushing, and antiquing that shapes the character of each piece of handcrafted furniture. And a closer inspection will reveal drawers constructed of renewable, plantation grown mahogany and made with traditional dovetail joints.


Charleston Forge Furniture


Making beautiful furniture in America is their passion. Not a day goes by that they do not recognize how fortunate they are to live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and come to work every day right alongside true artisans who were raised in these rugged hills and who take great pride in everything they do. Whether they are forging hot metal or hand-planing a solid wood table top, you can see and feel a sense of hand in every piece they make. There are no high speed production lines -- each piece is made one at a time, by hand. Their furniture is beautiful and it is designed to be used -- not pampered.

At their factory in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, you’d see a family of artisans hammering hot metal, woodsmiths hand-planing wood table tops, and painters meticulously applying their glazes. You’d see the care and attention they put into each piece of furniture with a sense of hand that no machine could ever match. Charleston Forge uses solid wood, fine leathers and fabrics, and other natural materials. Made in America…They chose to stay right here and concentrate on taking care of their people and doing what they do best - making beautiful, functional furniture. They are celebrating nearly three decades of American craftsmanship — they are proud of what they do and they pledge our best to you.

Modern History


Classic, timeless, well-styled and quality…the foundation of exceptional design and the foundation for the furniture of MODERN HISTORY by Yorkshire House. Built on the ongoing family tradition of Yorkshire House, MODERN HISTORY is a fresh and exciting approach to Fine Furniture and High Design.Hand-crafted in small quantities, the quality of manufacture, finish, proportion and attention to detail are reminiscent of generations past when anything less would not be tolerated. Solid brass hardware, dovetailed drawers and dust proofed cabinets are just a few of the many benefits of furniture by MODERN HISTORY.

Emerson Bentley


EMERSON BENTLEY Furniture, Inc., manufacturer of high-end fashion upholstery that is crafted by hand, is a High Point-based company founded in April 2003. With an accent on quality and a commitment to the finest in design, EMERSON BENTLEY's products elegantly furnish the most sophisticated homes.

With hand-picked employees that are highly committed to the best in quality that fine manufacturing requires, EMERSON BENTLEY focuses on the details, the sleek lines and sophisticated styling.

Cox furniture


Cox Furniture Manufacturing Company was founded in 1932 by William Cox, an industry pioneer who built the business on a unique marketing vision that focused the initial product offering on small-scale boudoir furniture. Upon his death in the early 1950s, long-time company employees formed a buying group dedicated to continuing the tradition and character of the American furniture manufacturer.

Two decades later, the Romeo family purchased Cox Furniture Manufacturing. Over the years, the operation of the company passed from the father to the son as we earned a leading position in the industry. Under the family’s management, the company’s niche focus and vision expanded as we became a go-to source for traditional-style living room furniture and accent upholstery of high style and quality.

Cox Furniture Manufacturing now has its headquarters in a state-of-the-art operations center located in Hickory, North Carolina. Widely known and respected in the industry and among consumers, the company holds a secure place as an American furniture manufacturer of traditional-style furniture for any room, unique accent furniture and other high-quality seating pieces.

Taylor Burke Home


Taylor Burke Home is a luxury home decor brand with a strong design aesthetic. Our designs are bold, unexpected, and sophisticated. We are proudly made in the Southeastern US by local craftsmen.

Worlds Away


Worlds Away Hospitality is a subsidiary of Worlds Away, whose purpose is to serve our clients in the Hospitality Industry. All products are designed at our corporate headquarters in Memphis, TN and handmade by artisans around the globe. We strive to offer this quality product and signature service to clients who wish to develop custom products to meet their needs. As such, our work is installed in an array of commercial environments. We want you to be able to express your unique design, produced through a name you have known and trusted for over two decades.

Made goods


Made Goods is a wholesale brand, focused on creating special statement pieces for designers and boutiques. Our pieces are designed by us and distinguished by the use of unusual materials, proportion and thoughtful design. We love what we do and hope you enjoy exploring our collection in more detail.

Redford House


Redford House delivers furniture of the finest quality.  All of our furniture  is "hand crafted" by experienced Artisans to make each piece a unique inspiration of Old World tradition.  Redford House is your source for fine quality furnishings to lifestyle retailers.  Redford House only buys the finest materials from sustainable wood suppliers in America.  We manufacture in North America to have as light a carbon footprint as possible. Your customers can enjoy the beautiful quality and feel good with Redford House furniture in their home.
Your success is our success and we want to be a partner for the long run.  We have established a reputation in the furniture industry  for customer service that is friendly and solution driven.  At Redford House it is our passion to deliver superlative design and quality that your customers demand and we deliver at prices that are lower than you would expect.



West Bros Furniture, located in Ontario, Canada, has been producing meticulously crafted high quality, sustainable solid wood furniture in North America for over two decades. The company remains family owned and operated, serving over 200 furniture retailers worldwide. West Bros is also a member and “Silver Exemplary Status” award winner of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, the furniture industry’s leading coalition of manufacturers, retailers and consumers who promote sustainable practices. The company’s product line includes bedroom, dining room, workspace and occasional pieces for the residential and commercial markets.



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