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Stunning New Showroom Arrivals!

New Arrivals
Gorgeous new accessories from Palecek have arrived to the showroom and they won’t last long! 
Lowcountry Live!
Bobbi Jo had a fabulous time discussing “Common Interior Design Mistakes & How To Avoid Them” with Erin Kienzle on Lowcountry Live last week! **Click the image below to watch the segment!**
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Interior Design “Mistakes” to Avoid (3/10): Not Understanding Scale and Proportion  
 Follow along for the next several weeks as we share with you 10 of the most common interior design “mistakes” and tips from Bobbi Jo on how to avoid them!   
“When you enter a room, it should be like a city scape with a combination of different heights.  You never want everything in a room to be the same height and level (unless you’re going for a low, modern look).  Think about it — too many small things will look cluttered, while too many large, bulky items will make it feel stuffed and small.  The secret to proper scale is a mixture of different heights, shapes and sizes.  A larger room can handle furnishings and decor that are larger in scale.  The smaller the room is, the more petite or delicate the furnishings and decor should be.  The main furnishings in a room sort of set the stage for the scale of the other items in the space.  For example, a delicate side table would be out of scale beside a large, overstuffed sofa.  The higher the ceiling, the taller and more imposing the furnishings can be.  Low ceilings beg for low furniture and decor.  Remember to leave “white space” in a room (this is the space around and above furniture).  A room rarely looks good when every square inch is filled.  The eye needs a place to rest when looking around a room.” – Bobbi Jo Engelby, Principal Designer and Owner
The sofa and dining table in these spaces are not scaled to fit the rooms properly.  The sofa is far too large for the space, making the area look crammed and the table is too small, consequently leaving the space looking empty.
This image is a great example of proper scale and proportion because the placement of the large painting balances out the high ceilings and low furniture.