One of my favorite parts about designing a space is the artwork.  There is always a story to be told about every piece of art and for so many people, they not only fall in love with that art, but with the artist and their story.  That’s exactly what I did when I met Crystal Eadie Miller of NEWLook Finishes and I knew that we had to have her beautiful work in our store!



Crystal began exploring the world of decorative painting over twelve years ago. She invested in learning everything she could about faux finishes, decorative painting and surface art, studying in Denver, St, Louis, Charlotte, Atlanta and Chicago. She applied her training and developed her own unique styles, working with designers, and clients to create small, cozy refined spaces as well as whole house transformations.


Crystal has also helped transform client’s furnishings into works of art. Her love of art has led her into a passion for capturing the depth of color and patterns of nature on canvasses, even producing custom works for home interiors.


Her website couldn’t have said it better when they say:  Wherever you love to travel, you can bring the flavor of your favorite place into your living room, whether you wish to capture the rustic charm of a mountain cabin, the passionate patterns of faraway land or the cozy, serene beauty of a seaside escape. What Crystal does is more than the process, or the application of color and tone. It is the whisper that invites you home to a favorite space. Crystal can help you create a personal, inspiring reflective space for your morning coffee, a charming intricate accent wall to charm guests when you entertain or the warm, glow capturing the natural sunlight in your favorite living space.





Every time we get a new piece from Crystal, we are blown away!  I feel the same way when she does one of her stunning faux finishes on a wall or piece of furniture.  There is truly nothing she can’t do!  I am proud to have her in our store!  Be sure to stop by and check out her beautiful art in person and contact us if you would like to talk about commissioning something special for your home!







Bobbi Jo