Interior Design “Mistakes” to Avoid (2/10)
Follow along for the next several weeks as we share with you 10 of the most common interior design “mistakes” and tips from Bobbi Jo on how to avoid them!  
Week 2|Mistake 2: Choosing a Paint Color before Fabrics & Furnishings  
“It’s always a good idea to know what furniture and fabric colors are going in a space prior to choosing a paint color.  There are thousands of paint colors out there and good news — they’re customizable!   The lighting in a room can effect the way a color appears.  Does the space get a lot of natural light?  In the morning or evening?  Wall color can appear warmer or cooler simply from the lighting in your space so keep that in mind when you’re trying samples.” – Bobbi Jo Engelby, Principal Designer and Owner
Here are two examples of how different a color could look in two separate spaces depending on lighting, furniture, accent colors and more.  
Comfort Gray by Sherwin-Williams looks darker in the bedroom image than it does in the playroom because there is less natural light.
Benjamin Moore’s Soft Chamois appears to have warmer undertones when paired with orange and yellow accent colors and appears cooler when paired with whites and blues. 
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