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Interior Design “Mistakes” to Avoid (1/10)
Over the next 10 weeks, we will share 10 interior design “mistakes”  that are commonly made and tips from Bobbi Jo on how to avoid them!  
Mistake 1: Too Small of a Rug or “Floating” Rug
“People often buy rugs that are the wrong size and orient them in the wrong way.  Room shape, not just furniture, will dictate rug size and orientation to make the space feel larger and cohesive.  In a living room or seating area, at minimum, the rug should be large enough that all furniture has at least it’s front legs on it.  There should be at least 18″ of bare floor on all sides of the rug.  A rug under a dinging table should extend a minimum of 2′ past the table top so when the chairs are pulled out, all of the legs remain on the rug.  A rug under a bed should extend 18″ on each side for a king or queen bed, and 12″ for a twin or full bed.  A runner should cover 75% of the length of a hallway with 8″ of wood on both ends.”  – Bobbi Jo Engelby, Principal Designer and Owner
These rugs are too small for the spaces.  If you were to pull the chairs out from under the table, the back legs would be off of the rug — this should not happen.
Example of a “floating” rug.
This room now looks anchored with the front legs of the furniture placed on the rug.